One year already

Hola !

It has been one year already full of adventures!.
Since the first day we met with a few friends to play for a 14 of July in the wonderful La Gourmandise in Nelson to the Art and Jazz Festivals  with an amazing team of fellows musicians and you followers. Thank you !!

You guys have been very supportive and patients. You trusted us and allowed us to make so much progress playing those wonderful multi culturals tunes. 

But what next ?

You have probably noticed that we have not been active on Social Media. Like any other bands, we have changes. Changes in how we should play some song, if we should play at all those songs etc. But that requires a lot of work practising the grooves and breaks and all those little things in Latin music that make you move :-).

So we have been busy !. And we are ready so, check the dates of April 26 and 27, because it s going to be sabroso :-)  



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